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Newspaper Holders, Magazine Racks and Leaflet Holders

NewsGripper Limited manufactures over 80 different holders, magazine racks and menu holders. Presenting newspapers and magazines in a stylish way is our business and we are pleased to introduce a new range of glass holders together with some interesting variations on our existing range of newspaper holders, racks and wall mounted leaflet holders.

The German translation for newspaper holder is Zeitungshalter, the Spanish translation for newspaper holder is Barra para periódicos, the French for newspaper holder is Baguette à journaux and the Dutch for newspaper holder is Krantenhouder.

NewsGripper supply holders and racks on a world wide basis. Entrez et jetez un coup d'oeil autour. Kommen Sie herein und nehmen Sie einen Blick herum. Venga adentro y tome una mirada alrededor. Kom binnen en neem rond een blik.